Sunday, March 9, 2008

Government Small Business Grants

Tips On Government Small Business Grants

You came here looking for actionable, effective information on government small business grants right? You can start a new business with government grant money with the advantage of not having to repay it. It seems that the main dis- advantage to this process is the bureaucratic inertia and large amounts of necessary paperwork that has to be filled out. Regardless of that it still is a great way to secure funding.

Potential Resources

Keep in mind that the federal small business government grant process is not very different then the one needed for getting a loan from a bank. You will still need business numbers, financial reports and tax information.

It would be wise to locate an accountant who works in your specific corporate industry with related businesses. This will help you construct a grant application whose commerce information makes sense and can actually work. By enlisting the aid of an accountant that is familiar with your industry you will be saving yourself time and unnecessary effort.

Since you will need a business plan as part of the grant process. The accountant mentioned before can also assist you in making sure the numbers in your business plan make sense.

Finally you want to get the help of a competent attorney who has experience in working with grants. Keep in mind that your specific grant may not be large enough to need a lawyer. But if it is large enough then don't hesitate to get an attorney.

This attorney should have a focus in the grant application genre and should be able to guide you past common novice mistakes as well as introducing you to other resources you may need along the way.

Which Grant?

It can be time consuming and frustrating trying to locate the right grant. To prove my point just one look at some of the grant sites out here and you will see what I mean. There are literally thousands of grants grouped by state and sometimes foundation waiting to be claimed. To find the right grant funds requires the right education.

The only concern is finding the one that will work for you and your specific circumstances is key. If you check the resource box then this problem has been solved for you already. The point here is that being able to match the requirements of a specific grant to your specific circumstances is something you will have to figure out on your own unless you use a resource like the one in the resource box.

In Summary

After completing this article you now know more about small business grants and the main concerns facing those seeking them. Keep in mind that a lot of time and energy will be exerted in just finding the right government grant to pursue. However we have provided a solution to this that can be found in the resource box. You will want to seek out the counsel from the necessary professionals depending on the size and dollar amount of the grant you are seeking. In fact if you are serious about this grant application process you will definitely spend some time perusing the links on my resource box. Time to get started!

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